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A solo traveler’s adventures.

2020 Travel Map


These are the RV parks where I’ve booked accommodations. Some are “corporate”, some are State Regional parks. I’ll post my personal take on the RV sites here and link to their websites.


Here you’ll find links to the places I’ve visited like National & State Parks, Zoos, Botanical Gardens, etc. so you may plan your own adventures.

Grand Canyon


This is a link to posts about my adventures. Expect updates about 2x/month.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Travel has restored my faith in the basic goodness of people. Being in Nature gives me peace. Travel has taught me new things about myself. It’s a constant learning process & I find that exciting.

About Me

About 2 years ago I changed my living circumstances, bought a truck, sold the house and bought a trailer. I left Chicagoland June, 2018 and so far have made it to California in 2020.

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